About AnneInspire

The Company

AnneInspire is the vision of an experienced and dedicated Danish Social and Care worker, with a passion for wild American mustangs and the exceptional impact they have on everyday people.
AnneInspire is a consultancy group focusing on applied Equine Therapy for adults and juveniles as a method of healing and personal development through equitation, horsemanship, and the exploration and development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills through applied psychology.
Equine Therapy has the ability to remove the clinical barriers often encountered with traditional, formal counselling, allowing an individual to explore their coping skills in an environment based upon trust, understanding and a profound sense of accomplishment when the bond between human and horse has been established.
There is a direct correlation between the wild mustang’s battle for survival, its hyper vigilance and the daily challenges faced by troubled individuals struggling with societal expectations and mental health issues.  This applies, in particular, with PTSD sufferers.
Starting out as a concept in 2012, AnneInspire has now become a reality through the development of strong, collaborative relationships across several working ranches in the US.  Through these relationships, the dream of working with troubled humans through horsemanship evolved into an organic, structured business proposition in 2018.


Why Equine Therapy

AnneInspire uses various forms of guided Equine Therapy as a conduit in the rehabilitation and recovery process, allowing clients to connect, identify and understand their own personal challenges and barriers through the development of trust-based connections with their equine counterparts.
The primary goal for each client is to find meaning and purpose in life, working towards self-acceptance and a brighter future.  Equine Therapy, as a healing medium, establishes and builds solid foundations of trust, validation and responsiveness that is often far more efficient and effective than traditional counselling.
The term:  “learning by doing” explains this approach in many ways.  Through daily interactions between client and horse, our clients work toward finding solutions that are both emotionally and physically experienced.  Combined with a deep intellectual understanding, the effect tends to be more complex, influential and longer lasting.
What sets AnneInspire apart from its’ competitors is a unique, organic approach to counselling that has been developed by an experienced, hands-on Scandinavian Social and Care Worker with significant equitation and horsemanship skills. 
It is the careful and deliberate blending of inter-personal skills and horsemanship with both the American Mustang rescue horses that lends credibility and authenticity to this unique therapeutic approach to the counselling and rehabilitation process.

A variety of needs-based specialised programs have been developed for a selection of established, operational ranches across the US, that encompasses one-on-one controlled therapy sessions carried out on the ground, in the saddle and on the trail, that build and develop trusting relationships between human and horse, and provide individual clients with the skills and confidence that will translate into real life, every day situations.


Ownership Background

Educated in Copenhagen, Denmark, Anne is a qualified Social Care Worker with many years experience encompassing teaching, social work, psychology and communications.
In recent years, Anne has dedicated her time to working as a live-in Social and Care worker at a rehabilitation centre for troubled youths.
An intuitive and highly motivated individual, Anne thrives on working with people to facilitate confidence, social and communication skills and independence.
A passionate and accomplished horsewoman in her own right, equine therapy is a natural progression for Anne, who strengthened her inter-personal and professional skills even further when her penchant for people and horses led her to the US, visiting several successful guest ranches.
Anne’s outgoing personality and intuitive nature allowed her to bond instantly with fellow guests and staff alike on her travels.  Captivated by America’s wild horses, the mustang, Anne spent many hours observing and assisting a trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation Program, quickly coming to realise that she had a special connection with these majestic creatures.
Time spent travelling in the US allowed the AnneInspire dream to evolve to what it is now.
AnneInspire are offering treatment-based rehabilitation and integration programs to clients who are experiencing social and psychological difficulties.
AnneInspire’s Equine Therapy target audience is (initially):


  • Returned service men and women
  • Troubled children and youths
  • Trauma victims
  • PTSD sufferers
Through the use of Equine Therapy, individuals will develop the skills required to function productively and confidently amongst society, making them more employable and socially independent.  This in turn supports community program objectives and lessens the financial burden upon publicly funded health care systems and support networks.